Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This is a project we were working on at ETH. This part of our machine engineer study is called innovation process. The goal was to build a robot from scratch that could gather "building material", store it and deploy it at the right position. The ground was actually a "mountain" and the idea was to build a robotic cable car.

Drawn with CAD NX 8.1 from ETHZ.

The Team

Ian Stähli, Johann Diep, Noemi Fuchs, Alexander Ens, Pascal Gutzwiller, Beni Winter
Here the guys from left to right: Ian Stähli (Construction), Johann Diep (Requirements Manager), Noemi Fox (Team Spokesman), Alexander Ens (Production), Pascal Gutziller (Test & Quality), Bernhard Winter (Electronics & Mechanics)

Our most important rules were: open communication, meeting at least every friday and "we are productiv" :D

The Powercube

We tried different setups and drew a lot of parts. We had access to a 2D-Laser Cutter and a great Workshop. In total we designed over 500 CAD files. The final assembly has around 200 parts and can be cut out of four 300x470mm acrylglas plates. The robot is controlled with a LabVIEW GUI.
In the following you can find a few pictures and videos of our robot. In time i will write a bit more but this has to do for now.

This is the first testing of the robot arm with 3 servos:

Here you can see the robot in action:

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