Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My First Quadcopter

I just finished working on my first site on this blog, the Quadcopter. I will improv it on the go but now there are at least some pictures and some text. If you got any project related questions just ask. :)

Finished Quadcopter completely made out of carbon and aluminium parts.
I build my first Quadcopter as a matura thesis at the gymnasion in Wattwil. I had next to no experience in robotics and microcontroller but nevertheless very interested in both subjects. My goal was to build a Quadcopter by myself including hard- and software. I found it quite hard to get a microcontroller doing what i want. Even getting an LED to blink took me several weeks. More and more i got acquainted with the programming language C++ and the operating system Windows CE 5.0/6.0. At the end of my thesis the Quadcopter was fixated in a cardanic gimble and the control algorithm was good enough to withstand minor physical disruptions and interferences. I continued the Quadcopter-Project at SJF (Schweizer Jugend forscht) and got the predicate "very good". After the matura final exams i started working at Acutronic where i was developing test software for motion simulators in LabVIEW. I used that knowledge to implement in my Quadcopter-Project and created a GUI which allows you to control the Quadcopter with the Computer.

Matura Thesis:    Maturaarbeit Quadrocopter
SJF Thesis:         SJF Quadrocopter
SJF Abstract:      SJF Ausschreibung
Pressebericht:     Flieg Quadrocopter - Bis zum Mond?, (KSW)

More details on the Quadcopter tab.

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