Monday, December 16, 2013

Multiplexer Project

A company I worked for as an intern needed a device to measure multiple channels / wires of a device in an automated way to save money / time. Such devices are called multiplexer. They have a few inputs and an "unlimited" amount of outputs which can be "switched" through to the inputs. Therefore only one measurement unit is needed to measure a whole bunch of connections.

Me and a friend offered to develop such a device since a custom solution was needed. The company could have bought devices that are already on the market but they would have had to develop adapters and write their own software and use additional power supplies for the measurement.

We successfully built our product and sold 5 units including the Intellectual Property to the company as well as plans and configurations how to build future units. Therefore i cant explain in detail how the multiplexer is built since the knowledge belongs to the company now. But i can give a general overview of what we did.

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