I am Beni Winter and currently studying machine engineering in the 4. semester @ ETH in Zurich. I like robots and motocycles and airplaines ( not that i have one ). In my freetime I am always up for a ride or go sailing on the lake of zurich with our Katamaran. The big project right now is the TdxCopter which you can find on our website www.tdxcopter.com.
This Blog is about interesting projects I encounter during my life. It started with the "Powercube" which is a contraption that hangs on stell wires like a cable car and can gather and transport different materials up and down a slope. Towards the end of this challenge a new project started, the multiplexer. We were a team of two and developed this device for a company I used to work in the year between high school and college. Right after that the Toradex Challange sprung to life. Again in a team of two the goal is to build a quadcopter using the Toradex Colibri Module as its main microcontroller with a self developed control algorithm. The so called "TdxCopter" is now nearly finished and the project submission is in June 14. 

The next big thing will be a Focus Project launched and supported by the ETHZ. It will be a team project with around 8 members during our last year of the machine engineer bachelor. Will keep you updated about that. :)

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