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Here you can find some ETHZ (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich) related downloads.

Here are the formulas i used during the basic examination in the 2. semester. It is the collaborative work of me and P. Gutzwiller who is another ETH student.

Analysis I/II

This formulary is 8 pages and includes the material from the first and second semester analysis at the machine engineer study at ETH. You can delete the women if you download the .docx version of the document. They wore some kind of a joke to the assistants which were bold enough to control the formulary is original.

PDF:     Analysis I_II.pdf
DOC:    Analysis I_II.docx

Analysis III

Laplace transforms, Fourier analysis and more fun stuff is coverd in this formulary. Its a good starting point for future one since all forumlas are editable in word.

PDF:     Analysis III.pdf

Mechanics I/II

Its about 5 pages long and is quite compact. At the final examination 6 pages are allowed so you can still add some more formulas.

PDF:       Mech I_II.pdf
DOC:      Mech I_II.docx

Mechanics III

This lecture was held by Prof. Glocker. The summary is about 8 pages short and contains all the things form the 3. semester of machine engineering.

PDF:     Mech III.pdf
DOC:    Mech III.docx

Lineare Algebra I/II

This one has only 14 pages of which the last two are just some copied examination solutions. It might need some improvement but its a good starting point to make your own formularity. Therefore i also post the .docx version over every formulary.

PDF:     Linalg I_II.pdf
DOC:    Linalg I_II.docx

Dimensioning I

Dimensioning I lecture held at ETH in the 3. semester. The summary is about 17 pages.

PDF:     Dimens I.pdf
DOC:    Dimens I.docx

Machine Elements I

This is an index with the declaration already on the sheet. Therefore you don't need to search in the script to find the answer. Nevertheless i've added the chapter to every declaration so you can search for it if you need more information. I've added a lot of notes to my version (after printing it out) but i am too lazy to digitize them now since I don't need it anymore. I encourage you to do the same but as the linalg formulary this is a good starting point. Please excuse there are A LOT of typing errors but i think you can find your head around.

PDF:     Masch I.pdf
DOC:    Masch I_II.docx

Patent Law I

A GeSS subect at ETH. Its a quite easy and interesting one to pass. With this summary it should be no problem. I had a 5.5.

PDF:     Patent I.pdf
DOC:    Patent I.docx

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